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  • Mrs Rawnsley’s Sponge Cake

    Mrs Rawnsley’s Sponge Cake

        Discovering history through an old recipe book Who is Mrs Rawnsley? Where did she get this recipe for sponge cake from?  Did she make it up herself?  Did she get it from a friend or a neighbour?  These are questions that I’d love to have the answer to, but unless one of Mrs…

  • Snickerdoodles: The Great American Cookie

    Snickerdoodles: The Great American Cookie

        What is a snickerdoodle anyway? I spent a few years living in California, which is where I was introduced to these fabulous cookies called snickerdoodles. When I first heard the name “snickerdoodle”, I thought it was another one of those strange poodle crosses, like the labradoodle (now, who wouldn’t want one of those?!). In…