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  • Rolatine (Bianca’s Stuffed Beef Rolls)

    Rolatine (Bianca’s Stuffed Beef Rolls)

        Why you should never volunteer for a school camp Normally, I would start a recipe post with a photo of the “dish of the day”, in this case “rolatine” that I am about to rave on about, but today, I’m starting with a photo taken of a beach just before the rain started.…

  • Chicken Broth with Pasta (Minestrina)

    Chicken Broth with Pasta (Minestrina)

        The joys of sick kids Well, I’ve been out-of-order for a couple of weeks, thanks to my eldest son having flu that turned into pneumonia.  All of you out there who haven’t had a flu jab yet this year (or the flu) , I really recommend you to go and get one.  This…