Ingredient: Vanilla extract

  • Hazelnut Meringues

    Hazelnut Meringues

        I often make recipes that need egg yolks, but not the whites.  What to do with them?  Well, now I have my wonderful KitchenAid mixer, I usually make meringues.  This time, since I had some hazelnuts from Piemonte, I decided to add them into the mix to make hazelnut meringues. The hazelnuts from…

  • Panna Cotta: Surprisingly Easy To Make!

    Panna Cotta: Surprisingly Easy To Make!

        Panna Cotta, literally, “cooked cream” (sounds better in Italian, doesn’t it!) seems to be on every Italian restaurant menu, and on many restaurant menus outside of Italy too. One day while reading one of my favourite cooking blogs, Chocolate and Zucchini, I stumbled across a recipe for panna cotta  that Clotilde had weaseled…