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  • Rolatine (Bianca’s Stuffed Beef Rolls)

    Rolatine (Bianca’s Stuffed Beef Rolls)

        Why you should never volunteer for a school camp Normally, I would start a recipe post with a photo of the “dish of the day”, in this case “rolatine” that I am about to rave on about, but today, I’m starting with a photo taken of a beach just before the rain started.…

  • Risotto with Sausage and Borlotti Beans

    Risotto with Sausage and Borlotti Beans

        How to make risotto two ways As promised, here’s risotto made the traditional way….be eternally grateful to me now, as I only did it this way for you instead of using my pressure cooker. 🙂 This recipe comes from my wonderful mother-in-law who makes this dish far better than I can!  It’s a…