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  • Black Olive Tapenade

    Black Olive Tapenade

        It’s the season for tree-beating Over the last month, in the fields all over Southern Italy, and on the Cote d’Azur in France, people have been whacking trees with sticks. This may seem like strange, and relatively cruel treatment for some poor trees who did nothing but stand there and help to prevent…

  • Bruschetta (Italian Tomato and Garlic Bread)

    Bruschetta (Italian Tomato and Garlic Bread)

      The strawberries had a better party to go to this year Well, maybe you all actually know how to make bruschetta, but even if you do, I hope that this post will remind you of it since there are loads of wonderful tomatoes and basil coming into season right around now…..well, at least there…

  • Pasta al Ragù (Pasta With Meat Sauce)

    Pasta al Ragù (Pasta With Meat Sauce)

        Every now and then when I’m feeling especially energetic, I make a big batch of ragù and then freeze it in portions so that I have a impressive tasting, good-for-you pasta sauce to pull out of the freezer at the last minute if we have unexpected guests, or if I just don’t know…