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  • Spelt and Chickpea Soup

    Spelt and Chickpea Soup

        When the cold weather hits, it’s time for soup I think we’ve been picked up by Dorothy’s tornado and transported somewhere not half as interesting as Oz. We live in a place where it hardly ever rains, until a couple of weeks ago.  It started and pretty much hasn’t stopped since.  My husband…

  • Dutch Pancakes with Bacon (Pannekoeken)

    Dutch Pancakes with Bacon (Pannekoeken)

          Discovering delicious food in Amsterdam Yes, you’re completely right, this is NOT an Italian recipe.  Every now and then it’s good to mix it up a little! This is a recipe for Dutch pannekoeken (pancakes) with bacon.  You don’t actually need to eat them with bacon.  You can have them with cheese,…