Ingredient: Butter

  • Peas With Bacon And Pinenuts

    Peas With Bacon And Pinenuts

        Fresh peas are one of my favourite vegetables.  The best way to eat them, as far as I’m concerned, is straight off the vine while you’re standing by the plant.  If you get them small enough, raw peas taste sweet and nutty and don’t even need to be cooked.  As they get a…

  • Stewed Onions (Cipolline Brasate)

    Stewed Onions (Cipolline Brasate)

    Sorry, I haven’t been around for a week or so.  I foolishly took it into my head to replaster/paint one of the rooms in our house.  I ended up putting about 40kg of plaster on the wall, which took me a week of solid work.  I learnt two things from this experience: 1. that I…