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  • Castelmagno


      Where does Castelmagno cheese come from? Castelmagno is a very prized cheese that comes from the Province of Cuneo.  The Valle Grana where the small village of Castelmagno is situated winds its way up into the alps that form the border between Italy and the South-East of France (where I live). My 80 year…

  • Fonduta (Italy’s Version of Cheese Fondue)

    Fonduta (Italy’s Version of Cheese Fondue)

        Italy’s delicious version of cheese fondue “Enough already!!!”, I hear you screaming.  “We can’t take any more of your cheese recipes!!!” Well, come on now….just one more……OK….honestly, why there’s yet another cheese post is because I had to use up the fridge-full of cheese I got from Italy last time we were there…